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Concept of pipeline service

Cangzhou Ming Yi pipeline Manufacturing Co., adhering to the "honesty, win-win" business philosophy, for the domestic and international marine, petroleum and petrochemical, shipbuilding, electric power, heat, gas, dairy products, beer, beverage, water conservancy engineering provides excellent products and services, in this we make a commitment:

In strict accordance with the requirements of customers, quality and quantity, not shoddy work, responsible for the goods in the end, on-time delivery from.

Comply with any technical and commercial terms provided by the client.

If necessary, we can send experienced and excellent personnel to technical instruction, including delivery place, installation instruction and performance explanation.

In the supply process, if the customer has similar design changes, increase of goods and so on, we will certainly be in good quality and quantity in time to your site.

In the process of product processing, customers can send someone to supervise the factory at any time, we will fully support.

The customer has the right to inspect the goods in accordance with the relevant standards. If the goods do not agree with the contracted goods, we can call us immediately, and we will return the goods without qualification.

We advocate: no customer service service, customer service is the best service, we are confident that the product pipeline Mingyi is not a quality problem, even the quality problem of small, years of production and marketing experience tell us customers purchasing and improper products improper installation is a major problem.

Mind and responsibility go hand in hand! Each customer can obtain professional products and patience and meticulous service in the Ming channel,!

We strive to achieve the best in the industry, so that every Italian pipe customers are satisfied, perhaps this request is very demanding, but we still adhere to this belief. Ming Italy will deliver the goods, with professional knowledge and technology, full of enthusiasm, to meet every customer friends at home and abroad!