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Method for removing positioning pin of spring support hanger
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Spring hanger industry, often there will be staff asked the method of hanger pin removal, and respondents uneven, false rejection beings, facing a superb collection of beautiful things text, even if you see the last also cannot read what you said, or seen in layer's reply, or to ask the problem is not really ready to accept either course, need to answer, the spring hanger manufacturers hanger pin removal do explain.

Spring hanger pin is locked a load on the production of spring hangers, can be said to be the load hanger according to your weight of equipment designed, in a total weight and you need spring hangers and decision. In your acceptance of the right after the installation of spring support and hanger in the process, we should pay attention to check the load bearing, spring hanger, determine the correct installation load without error, finally entered the equipment operation of this part, after the final OK, remove the hanger positioning pin and hanger spring moves up and down to normal the equipment for shock protection.

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