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Valve sprocket drive
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Detailed product

The valve actuating device is a valve driving device, the design of a worm screw in the end, a standard screw nut, jacket with a rear cover, a rear cover is fixed on the box body, the ministry only to define at least two tightening screw nut position limiting nut on the screw end, limiting nuts with washers screw root by washers.

Brief introduction:

The characteristics of the scheme: 1. when the worm in the limit position, six close to the root of the screw nut washer or tight round nut, not move, if it is after the worm rotation cover after cover under restrictions, worm torque force, so the body stress only one tenth old structure that is not easy to damage; the 2. component procurement, easy processing, low cost; 3. design diversification, can satisfy the requirement of use.

Principal claim:

A valve driving device comprises a driving device and a pair of bevel gear box, pressure bearing and gear, which is characterized in that the worm at the end of the driving device of a screw, screw is screwed on the screw nut, screw jacket has a rear cover, a rear cover is fixedly arranged in the gear box, rear cover are arranged inside the the hole force of the screw nut, screw of at least two only to define the position of the limit screw nut on the screw end, limiting nuts with washers; washers on screw root.