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Elliptical Cap
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The elliptical head is also called an elliptical head, and an elliptical head is a head composed of two parts: a rotating ellipse, a spherical surface and a cylindrical straight segment.

Its function is that the 1. pipe is at its end and is not ready to be extended. It is welded to the pipe with the head and used as an end. 2. on the pressure vessel, the upper and lower each have a head, in the middle is a straight pipe section, as a pressure vessel cans. The elliptical head of a rotating elliptical spherical bus having a long and short axis ratio of 2 is customarily called a standard elliptical head. The mechanical properties of elliptical heads are only higher than those of hemispherical heads, but they are better than dished heads. Because the depth of the elliptical head is between the hemispherical and dished heads, the requirements for the stamping equipment and dies are difficult to manufacture, which is easier than the hemispherical head and harder than the dished head. In recent years, due to the spinning process, it is convenient for the manufacture of large diameter elliptical heads. Elliptical head is widely used in medium and low pressure vessels because of its better comprehensive performance.